STARHORSEPAX 4 Kids of All Ages

From now on this site will be dedicated to Kids of All Ages.

It will involve information on Horses and all their fantasy counterparts, related fun and games and admittedly still some of my products.

There will still be a Teddy Bear section.

There will also be some Stand up and Change the world blogs. This means when I see an issue out there that people need to know about and probably want to, I’ll tell you. I’ll be sure to put a warning label if it’s too much for the younger kids. But these are issues that kids whether they are 9 or 90 can make a difference in. I’ll provide the links or the print outs. I’ll label the links as kid friendly or not.

Kids, be sure and get your parents permission before you look for ways to change your world.

This site won’t ask for any information from kids.

I consider information confidential as long as it’s a legal communication and will only give it out as required by law.

Web Design and Graphic Art

You’ll find more about the web design at Starhorsepax Designs, my second web site.
You can view the Graphic arts in this gallery on both sites..

Graphic Art skills include:
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Gimp, Inkscape,
Print on Demand :

available from Zazzle, Cafepress and Greeting Card Universe.