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Horses and Water Wars

Posted on May 12, 2011 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

                    Horses and Water Play


When I think of horses and water, my first thought is Chincoteague.  I’ve been there, watching the annual pony swim.  It’s not the same as in the famous book Misty of Chincoteague.  Times change, some for the better.  Horses in worse health or needing care are trucked over.  Watching the main herd swim you need binocs and a high vantage point to see over the vast crowds.

It’s easier to see them coming into the fair grounds or returning to Assateague.  Then you can see them close to the roadside, sometimes even blocking it.

They leap and buck in the bareback riding contest, foals go up for auction. Stallions keep their mares separate from other bands. I once saw twins:  yes, really twins.  Two matching pintos, older than the other foals and following the same mare.  


I think too of the horses I’ve ridden.  Some would stick their face up to their eyes in water to take a drink.  Some would flip it around with their head. Some would paw and try and roll: in spite of the presence of the rider.  Fun on a hot summer day.  Or a nuisance, if you had to clean up the mess.

Horses and Water Wars

Then I see these reports from the west and Nevada on the wild horses.  They want to specifically exclude the horses from the ‘wildlife’ provisions in the law and make it illegal for them to drink the water.  The sheer greed and absurdity leave me stunned.


How can they exclude horses from drinking?  Fence water off and you’ll fence off other ‘official’ ‘allowed’ wildlife as well.  Put up a sign saying:  water off limits to wild horses?  Last I checked horses can’t read.  And then there is the question of where they get the notion they have the right to keep any creature from drinking water, particularly on lands belonging to the whole nation, federal lands, not just land belonging to their state.


Amazing, how Chincoteague, VA can find room for wild horses of Assateauge on the tiny island and develop a booming tourist business. Yet all that land out west and they can’t spare a drop of water or land for a few hundred wild mustangs in a million acres.  Can’t find a way that all that potential:  the inspirational wild horses:  can turn a better tourist profit in a more ecologically friendly way than millions of cows and destructive mining.


I don’t know what astounds me more.  Their greed or complete lack of creativity.  I know what it’s like to struggle for money. To need it and not have it.  But to destroy so much for something so small:  we will always need money. But it can’t replace the air we breathe or the water we drink. It can't always pay for health, for the treatment of illness brought on by pollution.  It can’t replace the dreams that will be lost to so many just so the few can be rich.


As long as we have wild places, horses and wolves and wild cats and flowery meadows, we have places to dream.  To stop, think and get our priorities straight.  To come up with new and better ways to do things and new hopes to pursue for the good of all.  


Here is hoping the demands of the few don’t conquer and destroy those wild dreams for us all.

If you are interested in reading more about the bill to refuse Wild Horses water and want to act you can find out more at these off site links:


Me?  I've already signed the petition. I hope you will too.

Decisions to be Made

Posted on June 26, 2010 at 1:36 PM Comments comments (0)

Site Changes:

Well, my site has received some tweaks. It's been a learning experience.  I'm just now learning what this can do, and what my art can do.

  • The Holiday Gifts page is temporarily in hiding until I figure out how to tweak it properly. I do plan to bring it back. However the gifts themselves are still available in the various shops.
  • The products page is under reorganization to make it easier to navigate. There are two pages of horse shops and one page of teddy bears. Those three are the Cafepress shops.
  • Zazzle and Greeting card Universe are still on the front page.  I plan to look into getting more zazzle widgets to show the specific themed products in that gallery, It may get it's own separate page then.
  • I'm also experimenting with a new icon. The old one is still available in shops for now though and I may rework it.
  • Some of the shops have been renamed, but I kept the old URLs.

Hopes for the future: redo the Cafepress shops -  use the same designs, but adapt them for more colors and more products.

Add more fantasy stuff (I'm fond of the dragons, they look cool and are fun to draw.)

Add more designs to Zazzle and the Greeting Card Universe shops/galleries.


I'm awfully busy, but I plan to keep on.

Meanwhile: Horse lovers everywhere: please keep standing up for the wild horses. The BLM is still rounding up, holding them en masse and evidence suggest there are far fewer left than they would have us believe. Nor are those in holding thriving. Keep in mind the same agency overseeing things like oil companies is under fire for policies that allowed the massive oil spill. Keep the pressure on the politicians - let them know we don't want our heritage and our future destroyed for a quick buck in the present. Especially when the bucks are going into their pockets - or those payed to round up the horses using questionable, if not cruel, methods.

Battling Breakthroughs at Zazzle

Posted on February 27, 2010 at 3:48 PM Comments comments (0)

Finally! Access to an art program with png and transparencies. The world of Zazzle choices opens up as suddenly I can make the designs look good on nearly anything! It's a bit slow, learning a new program. Then there is the whole, start on photoshop 5 (yeah, very old) on mac, save to flash drive, run down to try in pc program (GIMP) . Fight to open the file for unknown compatibility issues, tweak, save, run back up to mac to upload to mac and hope I didn't miss a spot to erase or make a 'newbie to the program' mistake. If I did then I have to do it all again! PC is not connected to the 'net yet. In addition I only have 1 mouse for the 2 computers. :roll:

But here are the newbies: Easter Arab Foal surprised by the bunny and Easter Appaloosa Foal surrounded by eggs are now on products at Zazzle: mugs, t-shirts etc. Also new wild fighting stallions are up and old designs are being revamped with transparencies for more options.

At Greeting Card Universe Saint Patrick's cards are going up and there are lots of Easter cards in the store. Horses and Teddy Bears of course. Check them out on the holiday products page! I'm working frantically to get them up in spite of all the technical and logistical issues. (Including being away from the computer(s) for far too long.

And to any horse lovers' watching keep an eye out for the lates BLM activities. The continued protesting continues to have an effect on the roundups planned. A march is planned in Washington D.C for march 25 if anyone is interested. If you love wild horses at all, if you care about what the government does with your money, let them know by researching the issue for yourself and taking a stand for wild horses. We aren't just bleeding hearts: we have done our homework, and this is wrong. Check out http;// They always seem to have the latest on roundups and petitions.

Horses! Dogs! Unicorns! Dragons!

Posted on December 10, 2009 at 1:54 PM Comments comments (0)

New!     Pug lovers-it's here.  Our first ever Pug.  This fun smooshed face dog is cuddled by the teddy bear.  Some versions say "Can I keep it?" (Is this the bear wanting the pug or the pug wanting the teddy? You decide!)  This version is a golden tan, but should soon be offered in other variations.


    Don't forget for cute to check out that clown teddy bear.

    Check out the dragons, the latest is an awesome red/white/gray one modified for different colors. There is also a unicorn.

    These awesome designs are available on mugs, t-shirts, binders, tote bags and even stamps and matching greeting cards.  For more fun pick your holiday.  You'll find a variation of the pug and bear available in christmas, valentine's day and easter versions. 

    So hurry in and look around for your favorite person's christmas gifts.  More added all the time.

Designs are done in color pencil, marker and photoshop, modified for different products and seasons.

New Holiday Animals

Posted on December 2, 2009 at 1:22 PM Comments comments (0)

New!  I've added more new holiday products to the website, so now all the new Zazzle and Greeting Card Universe offerings are together.  So far there is a new shire colt, a new friesian colt and my first ever dog offering.  An adorable white Bichon Frise cuddles with a teddy bear.  Look for them on cards, scrapbooks, mugs-even stamps!.  The dog is also available on apparel, and I plan to do the horses on some shirts too-soon.  Stay tuned.

Remember Zazzle products can be customized so if you like the picture and want it on another shirt, mug, etc. it will probably be available.  Greeting card Universe cards can be customized inside.

Some of these adorable illustrations have been or will be adapted for other holidays too.  I'm not ready to post for Valtentine's Day on this site yet, but both the Bichon Frise and the Friesian are already being offered.

So check out the Holiday Products Page and start Christmas Shopping!

Halloween & Pets Safety Suggestions

Posted on October 29, 2009 at 5:28 PM Comments comments (0)


    Tips for People/Animal Encounters
    1. Horses and other animals are clueless about Halloween costumes.  They don’t see a costume kid, they see a goblin.  So keep your distance from strange animals.  Scared pets may bite,kick or scratch.  
    2. Think before you trick.  Leaving the gate open or the like could result in an injured animal.  This holiday is supposed to be fun, not a tragedy.  Keep the death symbols on the decorations.  Don’t risk a real one.
    3. Be careful what you do with the treats.  Chocolate makes dogs sick.  Scarfing down wrappers isn’t good for them either.
    4.  Keep lit candles and pumpkins with them out of reach of pets.  Don’t risk a fire.
    Tips for animal care takers
    5. If you have a pet, know how it reacts.  Keep it safely tucked away if it’s scared of strangers or weird stuff.
    6.  If your easy going pet is going trick or treating or partying with you watch what it eats.  If sick people will poison kid treats, they’ll do it to a pet too.
    7  If your pet gets a costume, be careful it won’t hang up on anything and isn’t flammable.  Make sure any  make up, glitter, or tint that you might use on the fur is non toxic and washes out easy.
    8.  Make sure they’re labeled!  Any pet who gets loose on halloween is in for a wild night  Make sure that if an accident happens or a trick goes wrong they can find their way home!

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