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Open Minds Change the World

Posted on September 15, 2011 at 1:35 PM

This site is now changing. I intend to shift from 'look at my stuff' to more fun and information on Horses and their fantasy counterparts. I do intend to have a Teddy Bear section. (It's related, but more on that later.)

So what does Fantasy have to do with Changing the World?

Everything. Those of us who love fantasy suspend disbelief. Instead of saying: there is no proof there are unicorns, we can say "can you prove there aren't or never were?"

Instead of saying, horses aren't really like smart like that old horse Trigger ('the smartest horse in the movies" - you can find free movies on the internet with him, look up Roy Rogers) or Black Beauty chasing the bad guys, we start looking for the instruction manual on how to train the horse, or drawing them or just riding them in our dreams while looking out the school bus window. The fact we may not currently own one or even have seen a live one has nothing to do with it.

Tthe world says "This is how it is, it would cost too much money, too much effort, too much time to change it,". I say "why?"

Kids Change the World too! In fact, they have an advantage.

The first step in changing the world is recognizing where something needs to change. Sometimes you see it on the news or the internet. Maybe it came from word of mouth or hits you like a bolt of lightning as you see your cousin lying in a hospital bed. You realize this trouble really does affect you.

The first reaction is helpless anger. Why don't the adults do something? I don't know. Even the other adults are asking that.

This is where kids have an advantage.  Something about growing up often makes us lose that belief that we can do anything. That's why so many adults outgrow fantasy, science fiction and games of 'let's pretend.' Not all of them: some of them go out and make dreams a reality. It took an adult named Walt Disney to bring to life Mickey Mouse.

So don't stop there at 'helpless'. DO SOMETHING YOURSELF! Find out about the issue. Is that company doing something that was just wrong? Is it a person? A governement agency?

But how can you make a difference? Your just one person. But an election can be won by only a single vote. A big business may think it's worth ignoring a problem if it makes them more money. But YOU buy those things. You and your family and friends  can vote with your money or at least threaten too. Send them letters. Better yet, sign a petition and spread the word. Suddenly one person isn't just costing them a few bucks. It's an army blocking them from bringing in money. Now you have their attention. And what if you are too young to vote? Your parents do (or should) Make sure they know and if you right to someone in the government who is elected, remind them of that.

If you are under a certain age, you probably can't sign the online petitions. But you can always start your own by hand. You can write and probably even call. Remember to talk to your parents first.

Worst case scenario: nothing happens. But you'll know you did your best.

Here are some examples of kids who changed the world: I'd rate most of these PG

7 Children who changed the World  Warning: some of these have ended in death. But their actions continue to influence others. Parental Guidance Suggested.

Jake and the Pillow Pets Quest PG again. One  boy with cancer decided to get enough pillow pets to give to every child in the hospital. But it didn't end there.

Ryan's Wells  He started at age 6 to raise money for people in places that had no safe drinking water.

Adventure's In Autism One boy dared explain to the class about his autism.

Websites that give ideas on how to make a Difference:


Kids Make a Difference  This one specialized in helping animals.

Change the World Kids Teens changing the world with humanitarian and environmental initiative.  You probably need to be an adult to sign the petitions or create them. But you can find issues here that do affect you.

Ideas and Opportunities to change the world These are just little, day to day things for you and the people around you.

Goodsearch  Use Google much? What if every time you searched money went to your favorite charity? What if every time you went to an online store and bought something a part of the money went to Charity too? If you use Goodsearch rather than Google, you are doing that. And you don't spend a dime.

The Important thing about changing the world is that you can't do it alone: but then, you don't have to. Just get started, put in the effort, spread the word and other people will join you. That's when change happens.

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